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Wednesday, 3 March 2010

You can create your reality exactly as you want it. People do it all the time! They purposely attract wealth, love, abundance & happiness into their lives.

Taking the Law of Attraction action in your life starts with the first step to the law: Ask for what you want.

It seems simple enough, but most people let their surroundings determine what they get. They go with the flow of life, instead of taking charge of what they experience.

The Law of Attraction states that your thoughts become things. What you think, feel, & believe to be true, is what you experience in life.

The three steps to the Law of Attraction are: Ask, Believe, & Receive. Here we focus on the first one: To Ask. (They are all fully described on my blog posts.)

You want to manifest your desires... But, What Do You Really Want?

As you become clear on what you desire, you are Asking. Your thoughts and feelings of what you wish, create the manifestation of your goal. Ask the Universe, Yourself, God, etc, for what you want. They all represent creation.

Before you Ask, however, understand that you deserve all good things. Every person deserves to be happy in every way. There are infinite resources that help make what you want, a reality. There is enough for everyone. As you think of wanting something, it is created, instead of taken from someone else. You represent a potential of limitless creations. That is the beauty of being One with life itself.

You want to be specific with your thoughts because you attract what you think about. If you know exactly what you want in life, you generate thoughts toward those things.

What are your passions? How much do you want to make: daily, weekly, monthly, yearly? How do you want to serve others? What type of relationships do you want?

Can't answer these questions right away, then you have some figuring out to do. Make sure you know what you want for every aspect of your life.

Ask for what you want by organizing your life's intentions, or goals, into 7 categories.

7 Dream Goal Categories

1. Career & Life Goals
Example: business, job, online business, author, inventor, speaker, creative, paint, dance, learn language, play piano, etc.

I am a successful store manager in my job.
I am an entrepreneur of internet businesses.
I am a best selling author of personal growth books.
I play Beethoven's Fur Elise beautifully on the piano.
I speak, read, and write French fluently.

2. Finance Goals
Example: daily, weekly, monthly, annual income, cash for investment, residual income, cash flow, cash on hand, cash in bank, unexpected money received, etc.

I receive $20,000 monthly by December 2010.
I have $100,000 to invest as I desire.
I receive unexpected checks of $1,000 in the mail.
I have a net worth of $10,000,000.

3. Pleasure & Adventure Goals
Example: home, vehicle, clothes, boat, computer, travel, cruise, skydive, wild animals, scuba dive, etc.

I live in my mansion on 123 Main St.
I drive a S Class Black Mercedes Benz.
I go on a seven day cruise to Hawaii.
I enjoy an African Safari adventure with my family in Summer of 2010.

4. Relationship Goals
Example: ideal partner, friends, family, co-workers, business partners, etc

My ideal partner is considerate, caring, and courageous.
My father and I go out and bond every Sunday.
My co-workers respect my decisions at work.
My business partner is responsible and organized.

5. Spiritual Goals
Example: consciousness, spirituality, religion, meditate, read, etc.

I meditate thirty minutes twice daily.
I read a personal growth book every week.
I understand that I am love & light.
I enjoy the journey of my abundant life.

6. Health Goals
Example: exercise, drink water, eat healthy, etc.

I am at my ideal weight of 130 lb.
I easily drink 64 ounces of water daily.
I jog two miles, three times a week.
I enjoy eating fruits and vegetables daily.

7. Service Goals
Example: charity, community involvement, sponsor organization, build school, etc

I help disabled children by donating $500 monthly their organization.
I play music for hospital patients.
I help build schools and homes in Honduras.
I make cancer patients laugh with my jokes.

You've completed a major step. Now that you know what you want, be consistent with having these thoughts. Feel as though your dream goals are already yours (which is the second step: Believe).

Everything that you want is happening now. You may not see it in front of you, but the Universe instantly begins to process the law of attraction manifestation of what you want. Stay focused on your desires and trust that they are there, FOR YOU.

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Sunday, 28 February 2010

One of the biggest blocks people often have about their future possibilities is not thinking on them. People often think on what they can't do or won't happen. Actually, if people start thinking in their possibilities that is too scary and too big for most, it is just not possible. Most people get stuck and limit themselves by thinking something isn't possible and that includes me!

The question is how to do we go from a person limiting the possibilities to achieving what we really want? Great question isn't it. I truly can only speak from my own experience and what I have done to open my possibilities.

1) Get on a new thinking habit: Human beings are habitual and we are in the habit of limiting ourselves. What a surprise! We are in the habit of thinking things are not possible and we can't get where we want to go. We need to get on the thinking habit of "nothing it too good to be true" and "I can make it happen." You see your mind is already telling you this is not possible... you are already wanting to not believe these two statements. Our minds our biggest enemy sometimes because is our thoughts who do not let us move forward and do the next steps. Start believing with conviction every moment of the day and repeat: "Nothing is too good to be true" and "I can make it happen." It is that simple, forming a new habitual thinking pattern and believing in yourself is the beginning but without this step you can't even begin the process.

2) Be open: As soon as you start believing things are possible for you then you are ready to be open for those new possibilities. You can't see those unless you truly are in that internal space. Believing and feeling that internal urge of wanting to do it all and simple knowing that "you can make it happen" is your sign. You will know when you are there.

3) Be clear: Now you have a new habit, you are open, and now you need to be clear. What do you really what? This is your time to fly... let's not be boring. Go crazy, think high, really high and tell yourself where you want to go... and make it realistic to you. If you currently make $100 a day and you want to make $100,000 a day by next week, that may not be realistic to you, but again, I don't know. It is all about where you are and the possibilities you are getting clear about.

4) Be ready: Now you are ready so keep taking action and make it happen. You work this hard to get here then might as well be ready to take it all in. This is your time to shine.

Remember, no one can make things happen for you except YOU. I am sure you are not surprise with this statement.

Monica Beltran is a successful affiliate marketer entrepreneur. She teaches those exact principles and actions that pinpoint the critical elements that make the real difference between a successful online business and a failure. She created to Synergize Personal Development with Making Money Online. She wants to help you feed the mind and fuel your purpose in order to create wealth. Sign up and get your free E-book at

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